workers surveying land

Knox & Associates provides home and business owners with a number of different land surveying services. We are primarily a land surveyor, but we also offer everything from subdivision layouts to drafting services. Here are just some of the ways we service our customers:

Land Surveying

There is a range of land surveying services that you might need from a land surveyor. We can help you with boundary surveys, improvement surveys, well location surveys, route surveys, corner location and boundary line marking, and so much more. If you have any questions about the exact locations of anything on your property, our land surveying services will answer them for you.

Construction Surveying

Many commercial companies who are in the business of building pipelines, highways, and large buildings could benefit from our construction surveying services. We can make life significantly easier on contractors as they prepare to start the construction process.

Topographic Surveying

Natural ground elevations can present unique challenges to contractors who are looking for land that is stable enough for buildings. We can provide contractors with detailed maps that illustrate ground elevations and generate contour maps so they know where the best building locations are situated.

Subdivision Layouts

Before a subdivision is built, it’s important for surveying to be done. We have experience with urban and rural subdivisions and have handled both large and small tracts in the past. We can survey land and provide the necessary certificates that will be needed to satisfy the local government before building can begin.

Drafting Services

From residential housing plans to piping layouts, we are able to draft up maps, topographic surveys, and more for those who are looking to build on land. The drafting services we provide will help you get any project off the ground.

Are you in need of a land surveyor in Texarkana, TX or the surrounding Northeast Texas areas to help you with land surveying, subdivision layouts, drafting services, or any of the other services listed here? Reach out to Knox & Associates at 903-796-3906 for more information on how we can help.